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Special Purpose Needles

Spring needles: This needle has a wire spring above the point to
prevent fabrics from riding up onto the needle when the presser
foot is removed and the feed dogs are dropped for free-motion
stitching. Spring needles can be purchased in universal, stretch,
denim, embroidery and quilting types.

Twin and Triple Needles: Two or three needles are put on a single crossbar. They can be found in denim, stretch or embroidery type needles. Their purpose is to create perfectly
parallel, multiple rows of stitching in one pass using a single bobbin thread.

Spacing between the needles varies from 1.6mm to 8mm
wide. They are numbered first by the distance in
millimeters between the needles and second by the size
of the needle. Generally the finer the fabric the more
closely spaced the needles should be.

Use these needles with an oblong throat-plate opening such
as those found on every zig-zag machine.

Wing Needles: Fins on the sides of the shank create large holes in tightly
woven fabrics such as linen and batiste. Hemstitch is another name used
for this needle. It is used for hemstitching, heirloom embroidery and other
decorative techniques.

Wing needles are available as singles or as twins that have a wing needle
and a standard needle on a single crossbar.